Review Toshiba Qosmio X500 Notebook (GeForce GTX 460M)

Qosmio X500-12z Driver

Related to toshibareminder. In comparison to the previous models, there haven't been any changes made in terms of given interfaces.

Review Toshiba Qosmio X Notebook (GeForce GTX M) - Reviews

Communication The Toshiba bids everything that a gamer needs in terms of communication. The wrist-rest that is important for a comfortable use remains cool under load. System Noise The fan runs constantly during use without load, but always on a level with a very discreet sound characteristic. It can easily be disabled by a dedicated button, since the pad principally won't be of much importance for gamers.

However, the graphics update should be much more exciting for potential buyers of the Toshiba Qosmio X's latest edition. Open your control panel, programs, uninstall older driver for you video card, just let it be. In my case the room was too I've tried reinstalling the drivers and the software, says is ok but when using it the image is all black.

Review Toshiba Qosmio X500 Notebook (GeForce GTX 460M)

The mere key data of the used hardware already sound very promising. Is there a fix on the fix? The notebook's system noise is easy to handle during gaming.

As to the notebook's stability, asus p8z77-v lk windows 8 driver the Qosmio X has an easy job due to its huge size. We've already had two Qosmio X alternatives in our test lab. The Qosmio X was supposed to be the flagship gamer from Toshiba. The Toshiba Qosmio X's results turn out very similar.

The intensifying reflections observed when deviating from the ideal viewing angle indoors are particularly annoying. The sound makes a balanced impression. Supplementary information can be found directly at Toshiba.

Fingerprint reader issue and webcam problem Well, I? Well, move the data from C to forgive. That is a good, even if not an absolutely top rate in comparison to other test configurations. This way the risk of data loss is reduced to a minimum. The combination of red and black elements has to be described as very attractive.

Our verdict of the used display is disappointing as always. However, it clearly reveals the notebook's gaming intentions.

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. The specifications appear to be a bit obsolete.

Qosmio x500-12z driver

This at least applies to the used graphics and processor. You even have to ultimately struggle with these indoors. Basses are very clear and the maximum volume is alright. The given viewing angle stability doesn't show any irregularities.


This port allegedly allows home entertainment devices to be controlled with one single remote control. If it still persists they will do Settings in the Power Options. However, a slight curve of the entire keyboard towards the user was seen on our test device.

The camera on the laptop it is installed correctly the driver says light goes on when using the camera. You have already updated the drivers and software so I think this would be the next step.

The retail price is expected to settle somewhere between and euro, depending on the configuration. Thus, it is on par with systems that also use this processor.

Further tests haven't been made in this regard, though. Annoying reflections, even indoors. This could be a thing of the past, now that Nvidia has launched a new graphics card family, based on the Fermi architecture.

The camera on the laptop it is installed correctly the driver light goes on when using the camera. Do you have the or Value Added Package needs updating. Read where the notebook positions itself in comparison to other gaming machines and how far the previous models fall behind in the following review. The display isn't convincing with the audible squeaking and creaking noises when the opening angle is changed, either. But they are likely to be covered by fingerprints and very visible dust particles after a few days of use.