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Since your guitar has pots dating from and they appear to be original, we know it was produced in or later. Impressive, single canadian but better in person. That isn't healthy in my book.

The overall sonic character of a guitar is determined by how strongly it produces sound in each of these three ranges. As you scroll, you can click on the individual model callouts for a quick glance at what we have in stock, including different finish options and pricing history for every model. Check out the complete collection of Epiphone Les Paul Custom models. What gives it away is the sticker that goes over the original Epiphone serial number. However, you get what you pay for.

Dating A 70s Les Paul

These models do not have carved maple and instead are built around slab bodies, like a Fender Telecaster. This only works if the pots are original. Please check the fields highlighted in red.

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If the serial number doesn't match up with the physical evidence and you're looking to buy, ask for some provenance before you pull the trigger. For more information on Gibson or potentiometer serialization and model identification, please refer to our website bluebookinc. This is a great credit to them. Gibson never has tops as nice as this.

Intonation can usually be adjusted from the saddles on the bridge. Please help me identify the year of manufacture. Pre-Loved Pre-Loved Guitars.

  • Also called the slim-taper neck.
  • The length and height of individual strings can be adjusted for better intonation.
  • Could you tell me when it was made and if it has any collector value.
  • Over the years Fender has made mistakes, but eventually they always seem to fix them.
  • Im trying to find out which year made and where.

Epiphone Guitars

You should try to corroborate the serial number on your Les Paul with some physical evidence. See All Vintage Les Pauls. See All Les Paul Standards.

The Guitar Dater Project - Gibson Serial Number Decoder
Epiphone Serial Number

By January I will also have one down at the retail store in downtown Las Vegas. Joy i have a Gibson Les Paul ss number would like to know what the value is. The real kicker here is that the vast majority of people who are purchasing these guitars are of above average intelligence. If it isn't going to be better, occult dating then there is no reason to build it.

And of course later it's greatness was recognized. Unfortunately, during extremely busy times, production simply trumped serialization. The one exception being the Johnny A model that is made from real wood. No-one said anything about better but to pretend that a copy of a genuine article is the same or better than the real article is absurd. Other manufacturers make guitars that look exactly like Les Pauls.

  1. In the early s he bought an Epiphone Broadway hollowbody and retrofitted it with his own hand-wound pickups and a rectangular steel bar body brace.
  2. Use this guide to pinpoint the Les Paul that matches up with your music, your style, and your budget.
  3. How to Identify a Hondo Guitar.
  4. Generally speaking, these groupings provide a good starting point for any Les Paul shopper.
  5. Oops, looks like you forgot something.

Gibson Custom Les Paul models are offered through our Private Reserve Guitars collection, staffed by a team of highly experienced guitar specialists. The R is used in the neck position. It will be a good way to hone in on a smaller field of options.

Stu I think you missed the point. This page is dedicated to the belief that certain guitar shapes should be totally generic. Just because they associate Jimmy Page's name with it. Preferred by some lead players who do lots of string bending.

The only difference is the addition of this batch indicator. The only veneer is on the top. Vintage top hat knobs age to an amber color. Usually paired with a T bridge pickup.

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Gibson Serial Numbers

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Gibson Les Paul Guitar Serial Information
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Oddly though, in the early s the Les Paul fell out of favor due to issues of weight and cost as well as a perception that it was a bit old-fashioned. The Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, which was nearly identical to the Standard with the exception of mini-humbucker pickups, was produced during this time. For more information, email Zachary at zacharyfjestad hotmail. Your guitar should be relatively easy to date. Accessories Guitar Accessories.

That's why I'm selling it. In any case, write down the serial number. Forensic Evidence Look for the volute. It has a set neck, full size humbuckers and a frequensator tailpiece. Any help would be much appreciated.

Les Paul Studios Just the essentials with less panache. Lower-end options like the Les Paul Studio tend to use darker finishes, which do not reveal any flame on their tops. Shop all Epiphone Les Paul Studio models. Basically, dating the pots only confirms the earliest time the guitar could have been produced. Any help in dating this guitar would be most gratefully received.

If you're looking to stay below that, an Epiphone Les Paul may be a better option for you. Both Gibson and Epiphone traditionally have kept up a steady flow of limited-edition Les Paul production runs that inject fresh blood into their model lineups. There are some exceptions of course, but very few I have seen as of late. They could introduce excellent new products at a rate of one a week if they wanted to. Fender is proving to be an exception and I am now quite proud to sell many of their products in my store.

Otherwise, no-one would need to make them look exactly the same as the genuine article. He currently writes on travel for The New York Times. Nonetheless, I have had this guitar in my possession since the day it was purchased.

Beginning in the s, most Epiphone instruments were built in Japan and later in Korea. Anyone help me with my epiphone sg serial number. Greetings, I am trying to confirm the year this guitar was made. New While the thought of a factory-fresh guitar definitely has its appeal, buying used can save you money and give you access to a wide range of Les Pauls.

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Best Guitar Amp Attenuator Roundup. Please help me with the data. They do this deliberately. It has an orange label inside the F-hole with the serial number on it.

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Any idea how many of these were made, and a guess at the value in excellent original condition? Is anyone able to date my Epiphone Sheraton? By cutting out a piece of that circle the width of your fretboard, you will have an example of an arc with the same curvature as that of your fretboard radius. Paul I don't think you've done you're homework properly.

How to Find Out the Age of a Gibson Les Paul Guitar

The Les Paul Legacy A Brief History

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