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Impressed mark found on stoneware. So if the document you are looking for is from this period and is not present in our document store or paper set it may simply never have been printed. How we can help Ask our patent information specialists Our patent information specialists know the collection very well and are always happy for you to contact them for help and advice. Special Royal Doulton series ware mark, produced specifically for that series ware. So an innovative mechanism for brakes may have been patented but not the vehicle into which it was fitted.

If you fancy a read on the collapse of Singer have a go at my blog, End of Empire. See the indexes box below for details. Thus they are usually very obviously stamped on the appropriate pressure-bearing parts where thay can easily be seen.

British patents 1617

We do recommend that you discuss your research with our patent information specialists in the reference team in advance of your visit. So, if you know the year and number of any English or British patent from the period to you can view the document and print a copy of it in any of our reading rooms. It is to be found under the barrel just foreward of the receiver, and requires removal of the fore-end woodwork to view. The patents were numbered in annual sequences, so it is very important when referencing patents from this period to cite both the patent number and the year to avoid confusion. So, when early English patents were first identified, numbered and printed in the s, specifications for the patents granted before the s were simply not available.

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As far as civilian rifles are concerned, some manufacturers have their own dating systems, with, for example, prefixes or suffixes to serial numbers providing that information. Singer machine serial number dating Guide. Date marks for the London Proof House did not commence until and are therefore of limited value in dating classic rifles. We do have paper copies of these patents but access to them is restricted for conservation reasons. British patents from to the present day can be searched on the European Patent Office database Espacenet.

The letter suffix after the model number denotes where the machine was manufactured. Isaac Singer the first capitalist by Alex Askaroff. The machines were miles from completion, site packing and delivery. The rule is calibrated in millemetres. The original enrolments of early English patents and any specifications are kept at the National Archives.

Dating English Registry Marks

How to Use Patent Numbers to Date Antiques and Collectibles

Many, but not all, of our pages carry date information on the various rifles illustrated or discussed, where it has been possible to be sure of data. For trademarks and labels, the name of the product, years in use, person requesting the patent, and the essential feature of the item were described in an abstract for each registration granted. The British Library does have a few examples of the parchments given to English patentees at grant and a few contemporary copies of patent specifications. Original records relating to Irish patents have not survived but some records held by the National Archives contain references to Irish patents. Home Research Guides Patents Britain.

Please note these are only for the British Singers. British patent indexes held by the State Library of Victoria. Rifles without modern proof still regularly appear on the market, dating 5 years older having lain in store for decades.

If it is from onwards, go to the Online resources box on this page. Your guide to antique pottery marks, singapore dating sdn porcelain marks and china marks. Small items only marked with the cicular section of the mark. Impressed mark on Carrara wares.

Alex I Askaroff Alex has spent a lifetime in the sewing industry and is considered one of the foremost experts of pioneering machines and their inventors. Early impressed moulded or incised marks on stone ware and terracotta products. It is worth mentioning one or two books in particular from which much data relevant to this website's subject matter can be sought. Hitherto, John, who worked for the B. Very often this number will be an invention patent number such as might be found on a bottling capping apparatus.

  • For the first time the most complete story of a forgotten giant is brought to you by Alex Askaroff.
  • If you can limit the search to a specific technical area then they may be able to make a name search over a longer period of time.
  • The British Library has a few examples of the parchments given to English patentees at grant and of specifications.
  • The castings were marked with the serial number during manufacture.

Impressed or printed mark on special Marqueterie wares. Akin to the longstanding hallmarking system for British silverware, in which letter codes relate to years of manufacture or importation, bc ce dating is an equivalent employed by the British Proof Houses. The number may refer to a patent granted by another national patent office.

It may not be immediately obvious, but careful observation may provide you with the information for which you are looking. Granted patents retained the same number as the application number. The document could be read without the seal being broken.

Scottish and Irish patents to Printed copies of early Scottish and Irish patents are not available. Using these you can look for patents by applicant name and also by the subject matter of the invention. The alphabet was restarted several years post-war in with A, but now each letter change was made at the beginning of the year.

From the s onwards patentees were also obliged to file a specification which described their invention in technical detail. If a technical specification for any of these patents was found, then its text was transcribed in full and engravings were made of any drawings. The Doulton marks are many and varied but most follow the same theme. Before English patents were not numbered. Often a number will be found on a collectible.

The table shows the earliest patent published each year. British patents From October onwards British patents covered the whole of the United Kingdom and were printed and published regularly each week in pamphlet form. Applicant names are listed in alphabetical order.

The number below identified the inspector. There are a number of methods by which a rifle can be dated, or at least bracketed between certain years of manufacture. Before the reforms of the mid nineteenth century separate patent systems were in place for Scotland and Ireland.

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  1. Robert Allen handpainted wares were never produced in large quantities and many were never repeated.
  2. Printed mark which appears on early Flambe wares, particularly smaller items.
  3. Figurals, nursers, and many styles of pharmaceutical and chemical bottles are listed.

English patents English patents granted before October were first printed and published in a numbered sequence in the mids. Because of this regular repetition of numbers, it is important to provide the patent number and the year when ordering these patents from State Library staff. There is no single record of such numbers and it is often not possible to get any information from these unless you have already identified the manufacturer. Early British trade marks are, unfortunately, very difficult to trace by number.

Patents in Great Britain 1617-1899

Such a purchase additionally supports such researchers and their work, and is, long term, to the benefit of us all. We also have a few examples of Scottish and Irish parchments. As far as we are aware, all B. Patents in Great Britain The British Library has the national collection of British patents and associated documentation. Impressed mark usually with the year of production incised into the clay.

Resources vary from library to library. For antique and vintage sewing machines. Rouen and Kew in the examples at left. Also, if you have a patent number but no year, or a year but no number and you can describe the invention in some detail then they may be able to identify a patent for you. Occasionally found between and together with standard print mark.

Britain - Patents - Research Guides at State Library of Victoria
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Patent figures from 1820 to date

Some indexes have been digitised on the Hathi Trust website. See the Digitised versions box on this page for the links to the digitised indexes. Variations occur particulalry without the outer ring. The transcribed text of each patent and any drawings was then printed and published as a numbered pamphlet. Please read it carefully before planning your visit.

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Royal Doulton Marks & Dating Doulton Ceramics

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