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Jonesy keeps pranking Jen, much to her dismay, so Jen tries to get revenge on Jonesy by fighting fire with fire and pranking him badly. Christmas and the Stress is getting to Jen, been i've Catlin loses the will to shop and Nikki doesn't want to go to Acapulco with her parents. And she seduces Jonesy to help her in the campaign against Nikki!

However, Caitlin has not to happy adventures with him. Wyatt and Nikki try to break them up. The group gets bitten, Jude and Starr are left, they kiss, and then Zombie Jen pops her zit, and Jude pukes in Starr's mouth again.

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The rest of the gang tries to stop their relationship dead in its tracks out of fear that if it doesn't work, their friendship might be in danger. Caitlin fights with her former friend Tricia to discover who is the biggest shopper in the mall at a Khaki Barn contest. Jen is not too happy about her mom's marriage to Jonesy's dad majorly because of Jonesy and his two brothers.

Jen's older and hated sister Courtney comes to town. Jen gets promoted to Assistant Coach at The Penalty Box, only to order too much wrestling merchandise from a marketing representative when she develops a crush on him. Meanwhile, Caitlin loses the will to shop.

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  • At the end, Nikki helps out Jen to feel comfortable again by showing the entire Soft Rock Cafe a picture of Jonsey completely naked.
  • While normally strict and the most lawful of the gang, Jen steals an expensive snowboard jacket to be hip and impress a guy who doesen't pay much atenttion to her.
  • Except Caitlin's because he duzn't know hers.

Nikki again falls for a new guy- his name is Stone and he works in Grind Me. Although Jude is initially reluctant, his friends nod at him to go, and he accepts the invitation. Jude has actually taken this one, as he wants to find out exactly how dumb he is. Jonesy offers himself a date to the highest bidder, Wyatt makes plans for his date with Serena, and the girls have plans for themselves, after failing to get dates. While Jen is reluctant to do this, she eventually gives in.

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Wyatt is failing gym and Jen helps him. She then spends it on some diamond and earrings that makes Tricia believe that Caitlin working in the lemon is fake, which causes Tricia to stalk Caitlin. Otherwise, how can he cheer you up when low? Your email address will not be published. Once again, Ron uses the incident as an excuse to harass the gang by throwing them in the mall security lockup until Jonsey bails them out by giving Ron his, dating american muslim Jude's and Wyatt's tickets for the movie.

Jonesy wants to be discovered, but the director decides to pick Jen, who later gets a supporting role in the film, after one of the actresses decides to drop out. Terri Hawkes guest stars as Betty. Ron the Rent-a-Cop gets baby Emma and gives her back to Jen, who then finds out her parents are getting home and she has to rush home with her baby sister before they arrive. And Jonesy is scared to donate blood because of his constant fear of blood and needles. But will they survive the night?

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Nikki and Jonesy find a perfect candidate named Dax who is an old friend of Nikki's, but Caitlin feels that the guy that she found, Dougray, is even more perfect. After the session is over, Nikki and Jonesy reveal the results to their friends. But after the gang gets Ron fired, they find out that the assistant security guard is nothing but an inexperienced rookie. Meanwhile, Jude loses his house keys while his parents are away so he temporarily lives in the mall, where he is repeatedly hounded by Ron the Rent-a-Cop. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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When Jude hands the test over to Starr, Starr becomes more and more worried as she grades it until she gets the final result. Jen must not be pushy, bossy, or tell anyone what to do until the end of the day, which turns out to be hard after the gang tries their best to make Jen crack. In the end, her friends save her from losing her individuality. Caitlin is in love with Kyle Donaldson, a handsome tennis player, sms dating so Jen and Jonesy try to help her to get a date with him.

Wong, doesn't think Jonesy is right for Nikki so she attempts to interfere in her daughter's relationship with Jonesy by setting her up with other boys in the mall. Meanwhile, Jen gets stuck in a question booth, and Wyatt lets the gang endlessly prank him so he can finish his new album. Caitlin falls for a guy named Sawyer, but she feels the need to make her breasts bigger since Sawyer is into large-chested girls. Best, sinopsis marriage he could be a balance of both.

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With the basic rules in place, dating starts in earnest, and soon all four single members of the group are engaged in getting to know others. Caitlin is forced to use a pay phone, which she has a fear of using, rather than her cell phone which she is forbidden to use in the hospital. The episode title is a reference to the romance movie Waiting to Exhale. Soon the gang feels guilty after the whole mall know all Jen's deepest secrets and Jen freaks out, hides in her room, and threatens to never talk to her so-called friends again.

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Jude is fired from Stick-It after a customer complains about finding a cockroach in his food, and Wyatt is fired from Spin This for getting on Serena's nerves. When Jen goes in with Jude, their baby is perfect, which makes Caitlin break up with her boyfriend and look around the mall for cute boys she can go in with to have a perfect baby. This was the first time Jonsey and Jude do something inappropriate.

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This is another title that seems to reference the episode title format from the sitcom Friends. Well, by asking the right questions, of course. Jude wakes up and finds that he was dreaming.

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Nikki sarcastically suggests that they try speed dating to remedy this, and her friends much to her surprise think it a great idea. One of the twins talks to Jen during the speed-dating round. However, Jen isn't sure she's ready to handle speed rejection.

Caitlin then buys a water bra, which gives Jonesy the idea to sell bras with water balloons stuffed in them. Caitlin fights Jen over a beautiful dress they both want to buy. He could be an exceptional dancer or singer who will always keep you entertained even in the saddest of times. Jen falls in love with son of Coach Halder and then tries to break up with him when she discovers that he's a jerk. Meanwhile, Nikki's mom, Mrs.

  1. Nikki and Jude have problems with the Escalator Girls and need to find a way to get back at them.
  2. Meanwhile doppelgangers of the gang show up in the Mall.
  3. Where there are good qualities, there are also bad.
  4. When the guru is unable to come to the mall for his speech, Jonesy gets Jude to take his place.

Jonesy can't seem to remember where he got hired for a new job. She then disguises herself as a nurse in an attempt to switch the babies back and prevent a couple from mistakenly taking the wrong baby home. Group finally decides to get Ron's old job back. Stick it, where Jude worked at, was history after a customer complained about having a croakrotch in one of the stick its and Wyatt gets fired cuz he was getting on Serena's nerves.

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